Our Programmes

The Academic Programmes at ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja are broadly available under the following categories or programmes:

Regular Programmes

Full-Time or Part-Time programmes of study are offered at the Igbaja Main Campus in the following areas: Missiology (Bachelor Degree BA), Pastoral Studies (Bachelor Degree BA), Christian Education (Bachelor Degree BA), Biblical Studies and Theology (Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor Degree BA), Christian Religious Studies (Bachelor Degree BA in affiliation with the University of Ibadan) and Post Graduate Programmes (Post Graduate Diploma PGD, Masters MA, Doctor of Ministry DMin and Doctor of Philosophy PhD). Applications for the Regular Programmes are available from November and March.

Summer School

Summer School Programmes are offered for 9 weeks between June and August at the Igbaja Campus for students who cannot attend the Regular Programme. Diploma, Bachelors Degree, Masters and Post Graduate Diploma Courses are available and offered during the Summer School Programme. The summer-only student who is admitted into a Four-Year BA Degree Programme should complete his BA within Eight Summer Sessions. The diligent student should expect to complete a semester of courses in one summer session. However, certain practicum and the thesis are not offered as summer courses. Applications for the Summer School Programmes are available from March.

Extension Programmes

ETSI runs Extension Programmes at six locations nationwide: Abeokuta, Ibadan, Kabba, Lagos, Osogbo, Abuja and Akure Centres. The extension centers offer Certificate in Pastoral Studies and Diploma in Pastoral Studies.

Women Bible School

The Women Bible School is situated in the Main Campus at Igbaja and provides training for student wives so that they can effectively work alongside their husbands. The programme provides training in Literacy, Bible Knowledge and Vocational skills. It leads to the award of a Certificate in Bible upon successful completion.