About ETSI

For more than seventy years, ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) has been making a lot of difference in lives and ministerial career pathways of students. For those considering getting into ministry, being better equipped for ministry or seeking theological studies that will take them to new and exciting places, studying at ETSI is a gateway to new possibilities.

A Brief History

The ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) was established in 1941 by Rev. Dr. William G. Crouch, an American Missionary from California, who came to Nigeria on the platform of the Sudan Interior Mission (now Serving In Mission, [SIM]). The Institution is wholly owned and operated by Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). It is located in Igbaja, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Our Vision

To become a pace setter in Theological Education and a Global Research Centre.

Mission Statement

To enhance, transmit and sustain high quality Theological and Biblical Knowledge and ensure social, moral and spiritual development to the highest level. To undertake high quality academic research for the benefit of the universal church and humanity.

Aim and Objectives

The founding aims and objectives of ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja (ETSI) are:

1. To provide sound and Bible-based theological education for men and women and to make them theologically adequate for the challenges of the 21st century.
2. To train Christian men and women who are called into full-time or part-time Christian Ministry as Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, and Teachers of God’s Word in Primary and Secondary Schools, tertiary institutions, Military Chaplaincy in Nigeria and other Christian organizations.
3. To give sound theological training that is relevant to the needs and aspirations of the Church and societies in Africa.
4. To train men and women to become committed to their calling, devoted to Jesus Christ and are in turn able to train others for the ministry of the Gospel (II Tim. 2:2).