One of the cardinal objectives of the current administration in ETSI, ably led by Rev. Asso. Prof. J.O. Adetoyese is to provide adequate infrastructural facilities.

In living up to this task, the Management of ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja has continued to work assiduously towards the provision of state-of-the-art facilities as to enhance administrative and academic activities on campus. And recently, the Seminary Management has recorded yet another great success.

This giant leap is the installation of a 32KWp solar power.

The installation was funded by a donor agency. The Board, Management and the entire community of ETSI appreciate this wonderful blessing from our partner.

This is a wonderful achievement that will serve as an alternative power supply to the existing but erratic supply from the national grid.

The installation promises to enhance Faculty/Staff’s efficiency and productivity and as well benefits the students in diverse ways.

The idea, as conceived, is to have an installation that will power the whole campus, but the project has been segmented into phases, given insufficient fund/the high cost of installation involved.

The current installation, therefore, is meant to provide an interruptible power supply to the chapel, administrative and academic areas of the campus.

The good news is that Rev. Adetoyese and his team are already making contacts for funding to take the project forward as to ensure that the installation is scaled to a higher capacity that will serve the entire ETSI Community.

Aside of constant power supply, its core benefits among others include eco-friendliness, sustainability, massive reduction in the cost of power generation, among others.