Dear all,

Kindly take note of the following notices:

1. Students who have any skill in MEDIA AND PUBLICITY should please register with the PRO of the Seminary.

2. There will orientation on Hostel and Security on Thursday, 19/08/21 at 7:00pm

3. Library Orientation will come up on Monday 23/08/21 at 6pm

4. Chapel Orientation on Tuesday 24/08/21 at 7:00pm

5. Registry/Bursary Units’ Orientation on Wednesday 25/08/21 at 7:00pm

6. ACADEMIC ORIENTATION on Thursday 26th August, at 6:00pm

7. Departmental orientations on Friday 27/08/21 at 9:30am

8. Faculty meeting Wednesday 18/08/219. Going forward, no student should go to the Provost directly for whatever reason.

9 All classes preceding Chapel hour should end at 9:25. While chapel commences at 10:30AM and classes are to resume back by 10:4am.


Rev. SOD Awokoya

DP Academics